MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd will be organising the 2nd auction for Straits Chinese Antiques on 26th November 2017. The consignment has officially started and will end on 7th October 2017. This is the second auction following a successful inaugural auction in May 2017. Below is an article in NST.

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GEORGE TOWN: A rare Baba and Nyonya teapot used for serving tea by the bride and groom in front of wedding guests will be one of the items placed on auction at the 2nd State Chinese (Penang) Association (SCPA) this November.

The bowl holds a reserve price of RM22,000 and is an original Penang Peranakan piece, likely from the 1920s.

The price could reach as high as RM70,000 at the auction set to take place on November 26.

SCPA president Datuk Tan Gin Soon said the auction was being held following the success of the first one which was held in May, and also feedback from collectors and members.

“This auction will also be held in conjunction with the 30th International Baba Nyonya Convention from Nov 24 to 26, which will see some 500 delegates of Peranakan descent from nine countries including Singapore and China.

“We also want to promote the Peranakan culture and the living history in Penang,” he said yesterday.

Tan said an exhibition showcasing the Peranakan culture as well as the wares to be placed on auction would be held on Nov 24 and 25.

SCPA vice-president Cheah Chooi Aik said Peranakan wares were highly sought after and that the cylindrical teapot was a rare item as it was believed to be one of the few large teapots, measuring up to some 20cm, still in existence.

“The teapot was specially commissioned from China for baba and nyonyas,

“The design on the teapot featuring flowers set against a green background is a unique Peranakan designs peculiar to Melaka, Penang and Singapore,” he said.

Cheah said a typical Peranakan ceramic ware had designs of flowers, vegetables and Malay-styled motifs, while mainland Chinese ones were usually filled with dragons and other motifs.

He added that the blueish-purple, dark green (famille verte), powder blue and pink colours were usually not found on mainland Chinese ceramics, which is usually white and blue, but only on Peranakan wares.

Cheah said the teapot set, which is ordered together with a set of about a hundred cups, plate and other wares of the same design, was also used as a display of wealth and prosperity.

“When a family is rich they will commission such elaborate wares for special occasions,” he said.

Cheah said other items of interest during the auction were 90-year-old Tepak Sireh sets used to store the sireh (betel) leaves, areca nut, tobacco and chalk.

“In Peranakan culture, it was considered rude not to serve sireh to guests.

“Everyone used to chew Sireh and spit out the juices in a spittoon” he said.

Meanwhile, MNP Auctioneers Central managing director Stephen Soon said the auction would be telecast live online, with bidding from other countries also accepted.

He said those who want to auction off their Peranakan wares, old photos, silverware or anything related to Babas and Nyonyas should pay a visit to the SCPA for an appraisal before Oct 7.

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Rare Penang Baba, Nyonya teapot among items on auction on Nov 26

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