By Vincent Sean

CEO Message

Dear friends,

Welcome to our November newsletter! Here comes the final quarter of the year. In fact these two months are full of rain and sunny days, those unpredictable weather can easily cause people to fall sick. We truly wish every readers to stay healthy always. To sum up our recent happening, MNP is preparing for year 2019. There will be different kind of events and auctions going on. To name one signature auction event, it is none other than our inaugural 2019 Spring Antique Auction in end March. A large-scale consignment session will be organized in mid-January.

Personally I am passionate in promoting art and antique culture, I am an antique collector myself. I always visited art show to enrich my sense in art, it helps to make me feel peaceful too. Together with our antique consultative partner, Wang Hou Antique & Heritage Association, we had organized an antique collection seminar in October and followed by an antique authentication seminar in early November, we had invited renown authentication masters from the world-famous Zingdezhen, China to add to our portfolio. We want to keep improving and enhancing our business profile and head our auction portfolio toward the world’s stage, as such, action plans are underway.

MNP would like to bring our customers a whole new experience of collecting and investing asset, and not just seeing our events come and go. Stay tune.

Those interested in consigning or to know more about our Auctions can call our HOTLINE @ 017-4006661 or visit our website at