Important Imperial Ware Auction,Exploring Chinese Antique Treasure in Malaysia!

Important Imperial Ware Auction,Exploring Chinese Antique Treasure in Malaysia!

MNP Auctioneers will be organizing its inaugural Kick-start 2019 Spring Asian Antique Auction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 31 March, 2019. The auction venue is The Boulevard, Mid Valley Megamall.

There are totally 126 exquisite antique available for Public Preview in The Boulevard from 28 to 30 March (Thursday to Saturday) from 10am to 6pm. 

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MNP has been pioneering asset auction for the last 15 years, since 2004. The Company had organized seven (7) times of auction of Malaysian Banknotes with special serial numbers for the Central Bank of Malaysia. MNP is the only leading auction house being awarded with the Certified ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Management System and the National Mark of Malaysian Brand Award.

Extremely Rare Ming Dynasty’s Chongzhen Wucai Big Vase, It’s the Rarest as It Cannot be Found in Recent Auction Record!

Maintaining high quality grade is always the top priority of MNP Auctioneers. We uphold strict selection process to shortlist only qualified and authenticated antique for auction. We are fortunate to have appointed the renown China Jingdezhen Imperial Ware Art Academy Principal, Professor Cui-Kehui and Senior Authentication Master Hu-Tongqin to master the authenticity of our consignment grade. Our masters will be available during the preview and auction to guide the potential bidders and enhance their confidence!

We admire Chinese history and culture and is determined to undertake the mission to promote Chinese antique collection and investment in South East Asia, which is still far underestimated compared to many Asian and western countries. We see this as a great opportunity and is keen to develop Kuala Lumpur as the center stage of Chinese art and antique connecting the other part of the world.

Extremely Exquisite YUAN Blue and Stem Bowl! Our price estimate will rush you to bid for it! Official museum statement estimates that there are only about 300 pieces in existence in the World!

This upcoming auction consist of the very comprehensive and highly artistic Chinese, Japanese and Buddhism antique. The variety includes porcelain, jade, bronze and cloisonné. To add to the highlight, the exquisite Chinese porcelain that exported to European and Middle East nations including those that were made for royal endorsement are highly featured. A limited number of the featured imperial-ware items are provenance from Christie’s auction and renown European prominent collectors. Based on the recent world auction records, our auction items are highly competitive in pricing.

Very Nice Enameled Colored Vase, truly exquisite grade of the Republic period!

Qing Kangxi Underglaze Red Plate. A similar item is in display in Shanghai Museum now! Having a piece of a museum grade antique will never be impossible now!

Extremely Rare Lime Green Dragon Vase. Heavily Imperial! A Never be missed Christie’s Grade Antique.

Highly Skilled Underglaze Three-Colored Vase. Extremely Rare! Rarity is King. You will want it to be yours!

* The Kick-start 2019 Spring Asian Antique Auction’s event information is as follow:


Hotline:(+60) 17 400 6661 (Malaysia)

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This Auction is Strongly Recommended Not-To-Be-Missed! You can find the affordable and the highly imperial ware in the list! Let’s make this collection your high-return investment portfolio!