CEO Message

CEO Message

By Faridah M

May 2019 CEO Message

Hi My Fellow Readers! Happy Ramadan to our Muslim friends! 

I am glad to share our journey happened in the past few months, especially after Chinese New Year. It was really busy, while excited and greatly fulfilled. Apart from our several auction events, I had to make up my time in preparing for our business planning for this year with my team. We are a service-oriented company, therefore our business depend so largely on our people. People is our asset, that is true, so our asset must have some quality characters. Therefore, our company’s core value, which is also my personal core value, is B.E.S.T. – Be Trustworthy and Reliable, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Success and Teamwork shall reflect our people to possess the right quality attitude in servicing. We welcome your feedback to enhance our core values, seriously.

It was such as great start to have organized our inaugural Kick-Start Spring Asian Antique Auction (SAAA) on 31 March. It was not easy to catch up with the world-class auction houses in this category but we managed to catch great interest from the foreign and local collectors in this area, apart from our series of the Straits Chinese Antique Auction (SCAA). These two are different segment as SAAA is having Asian antique like Japanese, Chinese, Chinese Republic, Chinese European export ware, and so on and the period is ranging from hundreds to thousand years. While SCAA is more toward Strait Chinese, late Qing Dynasty, Peranakan or Nyonya ware series. We are planning to have our next SAAA in end July while Autumn Asian Antique Auction in November. We will keep you posted on our further development.

Immediately after SAAA was another heavyweight auction event, Eighth Auction of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers on 27 April at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. Our company is honored to have been re-appointed by the Central Bank of Malaysia to organize this series of auction which we had organized successfully in the past seven (7) auctions of its kind. It was another successful event with 100% success rate. The highest sold lot was a featured RM100 denomination banknote with serial number BB2222222, it was sold at RM37,000. However, we apologize for a short technical glitch that had affected the online bidding momentum and we pledged to improve to achieve zero downtime for the future event.

To our Muslim friends, we share our sincere blessing during Ramadan period. 

Keep in touch, my dear friends…