Timeless Classics For Collectors

Timeless Classics For Collectors


MALAYSIANS will be able to have a glimpse of three special timepieces — the Patek Philippe 973-001, Junghans Meister Chronometer Gold and Citizen Fugu (serial #93) — at the Malaysia Fine Watches Auction 2019.

Organised by MNP Auctioneers, the auction will feature 100 timepieces.

World of Watches 2 director and consultant Zentrix Chiu said the auction would differ from those of other auction houses.

The consignment process will be based on one foundation, namely a compelling narrative.

“We would like to highlight the pieces with a background story or history,” Chiu added.

The Patek Philippe 973-001 Pocket Watch will be the starting piece to be auctioned that day.

Regarded as “the iconic status of time”, the pocket watch was the first form of portable time-telling instrument.

Citizen Fugu (serial #93) was intended to give to prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Citizen Fugu (serial #93) was intended to be given to Dr Mahathir as a gift.

On its 151st anniversary, “the first German time in Malaysia” which is the Junghans Meister Chronometer Gold, retails for RM68,000.

This timepiece is one of 99 pieces in the world.

Another piece on the block is the Citizen Fugu (serial #93).

This watch was intended for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a tribute to him for holding the post at the age of 93.

“Due to the timing, this Fugu never landed on Dr Mahathir’s wrist. Instead, he wants to donate the proceeds from the auction to his cause of choice,” Chiu added.

MNP Auctioneers chief executive officer Stephen Soon said they hoped the auction would reach out to non-collectors, too.

“The entire consignment process is open to anyone and not just collectors. We hope through this auction, they can experience the whole process and how it is conducted,” he added.

Aiming to be a Malaysian-owned unique auction, Pink Guy founder and curator Winson Loh said, “We would like the auction to be a memorable one, enabling people to have or start their own collecting journey.”

The consignment process can be done through an appointment by calling 011-1112 1100 or 016-480 6661 until Nov 11.

The consigned pieces will be available for public viewing at World of Watches 2, Lot 10 Shopping Centre at Bukit Bintang starting from Nov 1.

The Malaysia Fine Watches Auction 2019 will be held at The Pearl Kuala Lumpur on Dec 12.

For details, visit www.mnp.com.my

This Article extracted from The Star Metro News