Summer Asian Art Auction – Series 1/2020 (Online Auction)

Summer Asian Art Auction – Series 1/2020 (Online Auction)

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Auction Date:
8 August 2020, 10:30 am


Featured Lots

Lot 57
Qing Daoguang Imperial Ware Famille Rose Carmine Ground Bowl with White Inner Panel and Inner Bowl Decorated with Flowers in Blue and White 清代道光官窑 粉彩扎道胭脂地三羊启泰宫碗 大清道光年制
Height 6.8cm, Diameter 14.9cm
Starting Price: RM 20,000

Lot 162
Qing Kangxi Blue and White Cloud Pattern Vase清康熙 青花云纹棒槌瓶
Height 24.5cm
Starting Price: RM 10,000

Lot 43
Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze of Vajrasattva, 19th Century . 19世纪 西藏藏传金刚萨埵铜鎏金像
Height 22.5 cm
Starting Price: RM 14,000

Lot 46

17th Century (Transitional Period) Blue and White Figure Porcelain Double Gourd Vase 明末清初过渡时期17世纪 青花人物纹葫芦瓶

Height 32cm

Starting Price: RM 8,000

Lot 50
Ming Hongzhi Blue and White Plate with Peacock Rockery and Flowers Motifs 明代弘治年间 青花花鸟湖石图盘
Rim width 32 cm
Starting Price: RM 5,000

Lot 54
Late Ming Wucai Figure Porcelain Jar 明晚期五彩人物罐
Height 20cm, Diameter: 20cm
Starting Price: RM 4,000

Lot 70
Republic Famille Rose Flower Scrolls Dragon Porcelain Vase 民国时期 洋彩缠枝花卉龙纹瓶
Height 16.1”
Starting Price: RM 8,000

Lot 72
Qing Dynasty Sky Blue Glaze Long-Neck Vase 清代 天蓝釉堆花长颈棱瓶
Height 12”
Starting Price: RM 6,000

Lot 91
60-80s Enamel Cloisonné Vase60年代至80年代的掐丝珐琅大瓶
Height 20”
Starting Price: RM 10,000

Lot 93
Yuan Dynasty Cizhou Flower Engraved Vase元代 磁州窑刻花瓶
Height 15”
Starting Price: RM 2,000

Lot 97
Early 20th Century Fu Lushou figurine porcelain sculpture 20世纪初 福禄寿三星人物瓷雕塑 福建会馆刻印
Dimension : Height 55.5 cm – 58 cm
Width – 18cm
Starting Price: RM 25,000

Lot 99
Qing Dynasty Ge-Type Long-Neck Vase – Qianlong Six-Character Style 清代 哥釉长颈胆瓶 – 乾隆六字款
Height 15.5 cm
Starting Price: RM 5,000

Lot 131
Late Qing Famille Rose Nine-Peach Motif Large Celestial-Sphere-Shaped Vase – Qianling Style 清代晚期 粉彩九桃图天球大瓶
Height 59 cm
Provenance: collection of former renown Malaysian ambassador to other country
Starting Price: RM 80,000

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– Hau Mun Soon, Chairman of Tian Wu Asia Collectors Society, Senior Specialist Collector
– Jingdezhen Imperial Ware Porcelain Art Institute’s Principal Professor Cui, Kehui
– Jingdezhen Senior Authentication Master Hu, Tongqing

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