Fine Chinese Painting Charity Auction 2020 浓墨重彩献爱心

Fine Chinese Painting Charity Auction 2020 浓墨重彩献爱心

Fine Chinese Painting Charity Auction 2020

auction Date: 15 Aug 2020 – 23 Aug 2020

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The Fine Chinese Painting Charity Auction is up for ONLINE AUCTION now from 15 to 23 August 2020. The objective is to raise as much as 40% from the auction sale proceed to Penang Rotary Charity Foundation in aid of its ongoing community services such as Dialysis Centre, Home Nursing for the Disabled Elderly, The Society for Aid to the Handicapped, etc.

We have to give full recognition to Veteran Artist Ian Tan. Instead of having his solo exhibition, the 68-year-old Artist was impressed with the Rotary Club of Penang’s tiredless effort in contributing the community, and understand the cut back charitable source that caused by the current social unrest, he eventually decided to hold his signature art show in conjunction with the Rotary’s fundraising drive. 

Ian Tan is a top Chinese Ink painting artist in Malaysia. His painting work received outstanding praises in China as many surprised about his skillful work of art that is comparable with China’s contemporary artist. Ian Tan’s paintings are kept in Royal Johor State Art Gallery and several associations. 

Lot #20 母親的叮嚀 [Mother’s Love]

2019年,麻坡 [Muar, 2019]

母親的叮嚀 己亥冬 陳龍秋画於竹林軒

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

158.5cm x 95cm

Estimate : RM20,000 – 25,000

Reserve Price: RM15,000

Lot #21 母親的叮嚀 [Mother’s Love]

2019年,麻坡 [Muar, 2019]

丹鳳翱翔来贺喜 蓋盅在抱耐深思 己亥十月 陳龍秋画於竹林軒

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

177.7cm x 96.5cm

Estimate : RM 20,000 – 25,000

Reserve Price: RM 6,800

Lot #5 高棉佳丽 [The Beauty of Khmer]

2017年,麻坡 [Muar, 2017] 

高棉佳麗 丁酉夏 陈龙秋

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

68.6cm x 68.6cm (Framed)

Estimate : RM 5,200 – 6,500

Reserve Price: RM 3,900

Lot #12 传菓 [Fruity Inheritance]

2015年画于成都 [Chengdu, 2015]

南洋佳菓 乙未仲春 陈龙秋畫於養怡斋

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

34cm x 136cm (Framed)

Estimate : RM 7,200 – 9,300

Reserve Price: RM 5,600

Lot #1 美人蕉 [Thriving]

2013年,四川遂宁 [Suining, Sichuan, 2013] 

衆裡尋芳難 花樷百卉看 殷红依翠绿 心曲漫輕弹 癸己夏 陳龍秋画林懷龍诗

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

74cm x 70.5cm (Framed)

Estimate : RM 3,500 – 4,800

Reserve Price: RM 2,800

Lot #17 芭蕉 【Amorously Tropicana]

2014年,麻坡 [Muar, 2014] 

熱帶好風情 芭蕉弹雨聲 陽光频送暖 禽鳥嘆來遲 甲午春 陳龍秋画於竹林軒 並题林懷龍詩

水墨 [Chinese Ink]

136.2cm x 34cm (Framed)

Estimate : RM 6,400 – 8,000

Reserve Price: RM 4,800

Ian’s painting output is extremely low, of the 21 paintings in this auction, 14 were painted during his learning journey to China 5 to 7 years ago. Thus Ian Tan’s painting is indeed a valuable collection. In addition, the auction prices are 20-40% lower than its normal transacted prices, consented by Ian Tan hoping to make this charity auction a successful one. 

We sincerely hope to have your support to BID FOR GOOD! Thanks. 

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