Autumn Asian Art Auction – Series 1/2020 (Online Auction)

Autumn Asian Art Auction – Series 1/2020 (Online Auction)

亞洲藝術2020秋季拍賣會 – 系列3/2020

We are fast approaching the last quarter of year 2020 after our successful Summer Asian Art Auction not long ago. While the world is still combating the

widespread of the Covid19 pandemic, we are determined to see light at the end of the tunnel. But risk does comes with opportunity, the current art collection atmosphere is at all time high with record-breaking auction sale around the world. As a leading Malaysian art auction house, we have encountered tremendous art consignment opportunity during this time. To the best that we can, we are determined to promote valuable collection to our esteemed customers. And to the best that we can, we are glad to present to you our Autumn Asian Art Auction 2020 on 25 October 2020.

To make our customer feel comfortable and confident toward our online auction, we have provided high quality item images and detail condition report. Every auction item will be exhibited in our art centre in Penang, a state of Malaysia. In addition, we have appointed a reliable and professional shipping company to provide you an option to deliver your purchase item securely within domestic and foreign country.



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TIME: 10:30 AM


  Featured Lots 精选拍品  

Lot 87

宋代 鈞窑天蓝釉碗 Song Dynasty – Jun Type Sky Blue Glaze Bowl 
Height: 5.1cm x Width: 9.6cm 高: 5.1 公分 x 宽: 9.6 公分
Good Condition 品相良好
Starting Price: MYR 20,000

Lot 83

15至16世纪 青花人物瓶  15th to 16th Century – Blue and White Figure Vase 
Height: 36cm 高: 36公分
Good Condition 品相良好
Starting Price: MYR 20,000

 Lot 92
19世纪末 一对掐丝珐琅 龙纹灯台
 Late 19th Century – A Pair of Cloisonne Dragon-Shape Candlesticks
清 十九世纪

以应龙的造型的一对精美景泰蓝烛台。他们的嘴里拿 著带有烛台,他们的蛇形身体点蓝著绿色的珐琅和精 细镀金掐丝珐琅铜丝。凸起的圆形底座用浅蓝色的波 浪珐琅,就像它们坐在多刺的尾巴穿过的球上一样。 翅膀,脸,背刺和爪子等细节都是镀金的,极为精美 。景泰蓝一直是皇家宫廷专用,技术从外传于民间。 直到晚清国家势弱,工艺才传去民间。势局动荡才点 工艺失传。所以景泰蓝至今都是极为珍贵的藏品。

Provenance: From The Austrian Private Collection
Height: 42.5cm 高: 42.5 公分
One of the candle holder is slightly loose. 其一烛台有些许松脱。
Starting Price: MYR 5,000

Lot 91
17世纪明晚期 青花人物纹笔筒 明代 崇祯时期 17th Century Late Ming Dynasty – Blue and White Figure Motif Brush Pot, Ming Dynasty Chonzhen

明晚期的青花开始出现了分水法,使青花的效果更有层次, 鱼鳞草,括号云都是典型纹饰。在明晚期大量流行和使用这 种的笔筒,主要崇祯时代文人逐渐参与瓷器制作,文人书法 绘画工底十分深厚,这必然导致瓷器制作更加精细,而近这 几年崇祯时期的瓷器价格不断攀升也证明了藏家对这时期的 瓷器给于肯定。这笔筒尺寸比较大,在市场上非常少有,巨 有很高的升值潜力。

Height: 22cm x Width: 21.4cm 高: 22 公分 x 宽: 21.4 公分 
Good Condition 品相良好
Starting Price: MYR 2,500

Lot 2

清雍正时期 青花牧童赶牛纹盘 Qing Dynasty Yongzhen – Blue and White Shepherd Boy and Cow Motifs Plate
Width: 29cm 宽: 29 公分
Good condition 品相良好
Starting Price: MYR 3,000

Lot 96

清代 宜兴紫砂大茶壶, 铜手把提樑 Qing Dynasty – Large Yixing Purple Clay Teapot, Brass Handle 
Height: 22cm 高: 22 公分
Good Condition 品相良好
Starting Price: MYR 3,500

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TIME: 10:30 AM


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