Junior Art Contest – Sparkling Imagination: Unleash Your Artistic Magic! 创意绽放:释放你的艺术魔力!

Junior Art Contest – Sparkling Imagination: Unleash Your Artistic Magic! 创意绽放:释放你的艺术魔力!

Welcome to the Junior Art Contest: Where Young Creativity Shines!


🎨 Express Yourself Creatively 🎨

Are you a young Malaysian artist looking for a platform to showcase your talent? Look no further! The Junior Art Contest is here to encourage you to let your creativity flow and to celebrate the beauty of Malaysian art and culture.


We believe every young artist has a unique voice. This contest is your canvas to express your thoughts, dreams, and emotions through art. We’re here to spotlight the talents that will shape Malaysia’s artistic future. Show your love for Malaysian culture through your art.


🖼 Theme A:
“Dreams of Tomorrow’s Malaysia 未来马来西亚的梦想”
Description: Imagine the Malaysia you dream of for the future. Blend tradition and innovation in your art to show how unity shapes a brighter tomorrow.



🖼 Theme B:

“TOGETHER we celebrate the Moon’s Magic ! 一起共赏月光魅力

Description: Illuminate the beauty of reunion of hearts! Paint a heartwarming scene of families enjoying Mid-Autumn festivities and the moon’s radiance.


Rules & Regulations:
  1. Eligibility:
The art contest is open to young artists aged 5 – 12 years old who are Malaysian citizens.
  1. Submission Period:
    Participants can submit their artwork online from 1st September to 24th September 2023.
  2. Artwork Requirements:
All participants are required to create an original artwork that reflects the chosen theme. Your artwork should be a minimum size of A3, and you have the creative freedom to choose any size larger than A3 for your masterpiece. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild within these size parameters!
  • Artwork must be uploaded in clarity and in JPEG format with a file size of more than 5MB.
  • High-quality scanned or photographed images of the artwork are required.
  • Participants may submit more than one artwork, but each person is eligible for one prize only.
  • Artwork must be the original creation of the participant and should not contain copyrighted materials.
  1. Objectives:
Inspire Creativity: Provide a platform for young artists to express their creativity through art.
Promote Malaysian Art: Recognize and promote the talents of young Malaysians, celebrating Malaysian art and culture.
  1. Assessment Factors:
Each artwork will undergo evaluation based on the following criteria:
  • Creativity (30%): How uniquely and imaginatively the artwork is conceived and executed.
  • Theme Adherence (30%): To what extent the artwork effectively captures and embodies the chosen theme.
  • Colour Scheme (20%): How well the use of colors enhances the visual appeal and storytelling of the artwork.
  • Overall Presentation (20%): The overall composition, technical execution, and visual impact of the artwork.
  1. Fan-Favourite Masterpiece Award (Most Popular Artwork):
  • All submitted artworks will be displayed on our company’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mnpauction/) from 25th September to 29th September.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their artwork’s Facebook post with their friends and followers to gather likes.
  • The artwork with the highest number of “Like” votes during this period will be awarded the Fan-Favourite Masterpiece Award.
  1. Judging Process:
Artworks will be judged by a panel of experts; shortlisted artworks will be informed before 28th September. Please note that all decisions made by the judging panel are final. No appeals will be entertained.
  1. Announcement of Winners:
Winners will be announced on-the-spot on 30th September at MNP ArtCenter, 1-19, Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Winners are required to bring their original artwork to the award ceremony.
  • The winning artwork will be displayed at MNP ArtCenter for a duration of 3 months.
  • The Google Form submission should include a scanned or clear photo of the artwork and a photo of the artist with their artwork.
  1. Usage Rights:
The organizer retains all rights to the content, including submitted artworks.
  1. Online Feature:
Submitted artworks may be featured on our website and social media pages with appropriate credits.
  1. 资格:
  1. 提交期:
  1. 艺术作品要求:
  • 艺术作品必须以清晰的JPEG格式上传,文件大小应大于5MB。
  • 需要提供高质量扫描或拍摄的艺术作品图像。
  • 参赛者可以提交多幅艺术作品,但每人仅有资格获得一个奖项。
  • 艺术作品必须是参赛者的原创作品,不得包含受版权保护的材料。
  1. 目标:
  1. 评估因素:
  • 创意度(30%):艺术作品的独特性和富有想象力的构思和执行。
  • 主题符合度(30%):艺术作品在多大程度上有效地捕捉和体现所选主题。
  • 色彩搭配(20%):色彩的使用对艺术作品的视觉吸引力和叙事效果有多大帮助。
  • 整体呈现(20%):艺术作品的总体构图、技术执行和视觉效果。
  1. 最受欢迎奖(最受欢迎艺术品奖):
  2. 评审过程:
  1. 获奖者公告:
获奖者将在9月30日在吉隆坡的MNP ArtCenter,Quill City Mall当场宣布。
  • 获奖者需要带上他们的原创艺术作品参加颁奖典礼。
  • 获奖艺术作品将在MNP ArtCenter展示3个月。
  • Google表格提交应包括艺术作品的扫描或清晰照片,以及艺术家与其艺术作品的合影。
  1. 使用权:
  1. 在线特性:

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