Straits Chinese Antique Auction Series 8/2020

Straits Chinese Antique Auction Series 8/2020


Straits Chinese Antique Auction is coming to the 8th Series. We started the inaugural auction series in May 2017 to support State Chinese Penang Association’s effort to organize the Baba Nyonya Convention 2017. This time around is meaningful as we want to bring 2020’s challenging situation to a close and heading up straight toward a fabulous 2021. We wish to bless you with our hard found collection as you may be aware that it is becoming rarer to discover. We hope you do not miss out any of them! 

This year isn’t easy to many of us but we are touched by the persistent passion of the Straits Chinese Antique enthusiasts that have consistently encouraging us to keep up the good work to promote this unique piece of the heritage. 

We always believe that our forefathers travelled far away from China to this wonderful land hundred over years ago to fight for a better life and to build a better home. The unique experience of stepping into an unknown territory till achieving to be the integral nation builder and even blended so well into the social life and multiculture were simply legendary. The journey was so colorful to have enriched the uniqueness of the extraordinary utilitarian ware and decorative art of the Straits Chinese community. 

Rarity is what we have encountered toward the existence of the Straits Chinese antique. We would like to emphasize that each series of the Auction is becoming very precious simply because exquisite pieces are becoming rarely found. 

The soul of the Straits Chinese antique cannot be merely the material itself but our forefathers and the culture’s guardian that have stretched to have it made and brought to this land. Every pieces are signifying a remarkable journey behind.

Therefore for the very first time we have presented several rare and old Peranakan photos to recall the good old time that had led to what we able to preserve till today. We hope that our collectors will become the guardian of this piece of history.

Every pieces count, from old Peranakan memory photos, silver heritage and jewelries, and from blue and white to famille rose and even enamel. Let us proudly be the custodian of our very own heritage.

Stephen Soon


Straits Chinese Antique Auction Series 8/2020

Online Bidding starts on 19-12-2020 (Sat), 10:00 a.m.

Auction Date: 29-12-2020 (Tue), 2:30 p.m.


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