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Dual-Bidding Auction Solution

BEST2BID is a Malaysian-made live-cum-online bidding portal that brings local and international audience of millions to the heart of the bidding action in real estate, numismatic, art, antiques, jewellery and collectibles auctions across the globe.

BEST2BID features the best of traditional live auction bidding while accommodating global online bidder to increase competitiveness and borderless exposure of auction bidding.

By hosting auctions in real time via online and on-site channels concurrently, BEST2BID allows unprecedented access to remote sales, and savvy bidders can often land desired items at very desirable prices. A finger click at a computer button, or fully engage in live auction action—it’s entirely up to you.

BEST2BID revolutionized the whole industry. It is the first time that Malaysians will be introduced into a brand new world of auction bidding. Be rest assure that beside bringing the enriched fair, open and transparent platform, we guard your business transaction by making bidding easily accessible!

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Asset Sales & Marketing Solution – Online & On-Site

How To Register As A Bidder

Let’s register as a Bidder for PROPERTY and start your investment journey today.

1. Register for an account at http://best2bid.com/Account/Login
2. You will receive an email notification to verify your email account. Please click to verify.
3. Log in with your username and password once email verified;
4. Proceed to Upcoming Auction and register for thisauction;
5. You will be prompted to agree to the online bidding terms and condition together Conditions of Sale (COS);
6. Select the property(s) you are interested to bid at the auction event you intend to participate;
7. Save selection and then proceed to upload your deposit slip and identity proof. Do key in the deposit amount before proceeding to register for the auction;
8. You will receive a PENDING APPROVAL email shortly after you have registered;
9. You will receive a GO LIVE email after your registration is approved;
10. Log in and standby at the bidding page early to avoid any inconvenience when bidding commences (a reminder will be sent to you one hour before auction commencement)

NOTE: All registration as online bidder shall reach us at least 24 working hours before auction commencement, including deposit clearance.

How To Bid

Bidding for a PROPERTY, it’s EASY!

1. Auction will commence as per the lot number sequence;
2. You will only be eligible to bid at the property you have registered;
3. During the auction, you can bid at the registered property(s) by clicking the bid button to bid based on the standard increment announced by the Auctioneer;
4. You can place a higher bid at the field provided and click the bid button next to it. For this option, an instant confirmation message will be prompted to you to confirm the bid, as a safety precaution. Each bid shall be final and binding as soon as the Bidder click the bid button.
5. The current bid will be displayed on the Bidder’s screen during the auction, your bidder number will be displayed on the bidding screen;
6. Online and on-site bidder’s bid tracking is separated by white and blue colors;
7. Fair warning will appear when the Auctioneer is counting down from the highest bid;
8. The sold message will appear when the Auctioneer has concluded the sale, before proceeding to the next lot;
9. You will receive an instant email notification if you have won any lot. You can also check your status at the bidder profile.
10. Happy bidding!

How To Register as a company

Registering as a company? Just follow our step by step guide below!

1. Register your information with us here
2. Upon receiving, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your account details once you have sent us the required documents as per below.
3. Only companies incorporated under the companies commission of Malaysian (SSM) are accepted;
4. Fill in the online form and email or deliver the following documents to enquiry@best2bid.com or our correspondence address :

a. Form 24, 44 and 49 (or its equivalent forms under the Companies Act 2016);
b. Memorandum and Articles of Association/Constitution of the company in compliance with Companies Act 2016;
c. A duly signed Board of Director’s Resolution (with authorized bidder duly stated);
d. Authorized bidder’s identity proof, and
e. The required deposit slip

You will receive an email notification that your account has been approved together you’re your login details after your registration is successful.

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Asset Liquidation Services


Disposal of surplus asset

Open bidding

Inventory reduction

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