Summer Asian Art Auction : Connecting Fine Chinese Art with Straits Chinese Collection

Summer Asian Art Auction : Connecting Fine Chinese Art with Straits Chinese Collection

For the very first time, the upcoming Summer Asian Art Auction will present the Chinese bilateral cultural relic journey across the sea to the south! It was originally a great Chinese cultural relic and brewed from China, but it showed a different kind of charm in Nanyang, and created extremely precious unique Straits Chinese cultural relics! We are privileged to present an extraordinary cross-cultural Chinese art event, starting with the fine Chinese art, and connecting the Straits Chinese cultural relics down south!

MNP Auctioneers is Malaysia’s leading art auction house. Malaysia is the main home base for the early Chinese migrant from China, which is best known as “Nanyang”. Malaysia is also a blessed land that is most deeply preserved for Chinese culture outside of China. During the 19th to early 20th century of China’s social unrest, many Chinese nationals travelled across the ocean to Nanyang and set foot as their future home. The land is outstanding simply because of its outstanding Straits Chinese, some of the world renown Straits Chinese of Malaya (the territory name of Malaysia before its independence) are the plague fighter Dr. Wu Lian-De and the patriotic overseas Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Bi-Shi, best known as the “father of Chinese red wine”. Sun Yat-Sen, the founding father of China, also came to Malaya several times to promote his revolutionary ideas and built the important revolution society.

In addition to nurturing Chinese culture, the Straits Chinese who made their fortunes in Malaya also created a unique Straits Chinese cultural relic. Straits Chinese art is probably the most precious piece of the China’s export porcelain. The exquisite pieces of the Straits Chinese porcelain remain relatively rare and sought after as it meant for the unique Straits Chinese community. Among the best Straits Chinese porcelains are “Nyonyaware”. Nyonyaware represents the unique Peranakan culture of Baba Nyonya during the Straits Settlement period (“Little Nyonya”, a Baba-Nyonya-culture-themed popular TV series produced and broadcasted in China jointly by China iQiyi media and Singapore Media Group). Nyonyaware represents the premium quality famille rose (fencai) porcelain ware specially custom made by Jingdezhen China, the world’s city of porcelain during Late Qing Dynasty. In Malaysia, MNP Auctioneers is the leading auction house of Straits Chinese antique.

In term of Chinese art, MNP Auctioneers will present the collections from as early as Tang and Jin Dynasties till Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and the Republic of China. MNP is fortunate to have consigned some of the finest pieces of Jun Kiln, Ming and Qing Dynasties with strong provenance, thanks for the support of the veteran collectors. All the while the Malaysian collectors and Chinese families have actively participated in the international auction events to source for exquisite work of art. Therefore collectors can expect quality auction event of Chinese art from us.

MNP Auctioneers had held three outstanding Asian art auctions during the global epidemic in 2020, leading the Chinese art auction in Southeast Asia. In our first Asian art auction in 2021, MNP is striving a breakthrough to synergize the predominant Chinese Art with the greatest export famille rose’ Straits Chinese porcelain unprecedentedly. We are truly promoting the belt and road initiative through the inheritance of the cross-Chinese culture.

Cultural relics and artworks will not only be pleasing to the eye and the soul, but also have historical, cultural and academic values, and at the same time embodies the value orientation of our ancestor’s cultural philosophy. The history, culture, craftsmanship, scarcity and non-renewability of cultural relics and artworks determine the commodity characteristics of preservation and appreciation. Collecting exquisite cultural relics is not out of reach, we will make your dreams come true!


Summer Asian Art Auction - Connecting Fine Chinese Art with Straits Chinese Collection Catalogue Cover


Connecting Fine Chinese Art with Straits Chinese Collection

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拍卖时间 Auction Details
Live Auction (Online): 18 July 2021, 10:30 am (GMT+8)
Online Bidding Starts: 1 July 2021, 6:00 pm (GMT+8)

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